My name is Tamar Taylor I was born in Bridgeton N.J. I have lived in Colorado Springs for
over 36 years. I have 2 teenage children that are 17 years old and 19 years old, I have been
married for over 11 years.

    I started working with children, in some capacity 20 years ago. In 1983, I graduated from
the University of Southern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in My first employment
opportunity was to remove four girls from a teenage girls unit due to a riot. I worked at this
facility for three and half years while working my way up to management, after which I
choose to pursue a career working in the public school district at a local elementary school.

    Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to establish my own daycare center. I started
teaching young children, after which I return to a local community college to obtain a
certificate in Early Childhood. I utilized my certificate to operate, teach, and direct the
childcare center. I then took a job working as a center director for a large corporation. I
trained teachers, mentored parents and worked with young children.

    March of 2007, I had another opportunity to open another large day care center Creative
Kidz College. I have decided to pursue the Masters of Early Childhood Degree to assist me
with more opportunities that are desperately needed in early childhood education. I will
graduate in January of 2009. Obtaining the Master in Early Childhood Degree will be an
asset to my personal and professional growth.

    My personal achievements, I play the piano at my church where I also minister. I am a
member of the Colorado Mass Choir, which is a professional organization that records. I
love Creative Kidz College and the parents and families that I serve. It is a blessing to be a
part of the lives of small children.
Tamara Director of Creative Kidz College
Terence Smith
Director of
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